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Transformers Prime - Remote Controlled Vehicle - Knock Out

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Pick your favorite character and race into action. Every TRANSFORMERS remote-controlled figure can race and battle in vehicle or robot mode. Speed into action as a vehicle, and then, with a single push of a button on the remote, convert instantly into robot mode for battle. Robot mode features cool punching action to battle against friends using any other remote-controlled TRANSFORMERS figure. Whether you're racing on your own or battling against a friend, intense, remote-controlled action is yours with these awesome fighting figures. Converts from robot to vehicle! You control the vehicle mode just like any other remote-controlled car, but at the push of a button, your figure spins into robot mode. You can make the robot move and punch for battle against other TRANSFORMERS remote-controlled figures, or hold down the conversion button to spin in place and rapidly switch back and forth between modes. Plus, you can battle or race up to three TRANSFORMERS remote-controlled vehicles at the same time!

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